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Welcome to the Men At Work Care Care Center's New Building Donation Site. The owner Mike Phillips believes in paying it forward, giving people a second chance. Phillips employ's ex-convicts. Mike says "Once you've been in jail, most folks want to turn their lives around. My job is to provide a way station you can go when you get out of jail." Having a job is a great start at putting your life back together. Mike's only rules are No Stealing, No Stealing, No Stealing and work hard. Men At Work Care Care Center is being forced to move locations and needs your help to raise funds to purchase a new location in South Raleigh. YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE CHANGE by donating to the New Building Fundraising Campaign. Any amount given helps tremendously and we appreciate your donation to our mission!!!

Please click the link above to access the Donation page 


Raleigh, NC

919-832-2425 Shop

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 6PM

Sun: Closed

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